Chipotle Compliments The Atkins Diet

The Chipotle Menu Prices

The Chipotle menu and prices compliments the Atkins/South Beach diet very nicely. I have lost 45 pounds in about 6 months and I have done it slowly, with a low card, no sugar diet, and the main establishment for my nutrients has been Chipotle. I love their salad bowls, and the ingredients make it filling, and satisfying. Not only that, their selection of protein is second to none you can be rest assured of that.

I enjoy the salad bowl with plenty of chicken, sometimes I get an extra serving of the protein source, and just about everything but the beans, and rice are a go. I know that in some cases of the South Beach Diet, many people can have that but, I stray away from it. Um, guacamole, and sour cream, I try not to have too much. I know that Guacamole is a good source of many nutrients, but there is also a high amount of carbs associated with it. So I pass on it too.

Chipotle is here to make good eating possible for many of the people like me that are trying to lose a few pounds, and at the same time eat healthy. Not too many fast food places out there that can offer you that. Everything else is a gamble. Chipotle is the real deal. Check out this video below, maybe it will get you moving in their direction, if you have not ever had Chipotle, you will not be disappointed. Check them out.