Chipotle as a Spice!

Chipotle as a Spice!

Smoked jalapenos otherwise known as chipotle chillies are widely used in chilli produce to add depth and that touch of “je ne sais quoi” that so many people love. But sometimes it is just better to use the real thing and adapt your cooking to the chili itself rather than rely on other manufacturer’s produce.

We offer whole dried chipotle chillies, about 15-20 per bag on average, which can last up to 18 months (we have even used them 6 months after the expiry date and they were just as good) so at least you can be sure that these will last you a while. We have experimented quite a lot with these, although sometimes over or under-doing it but we are now able to gauge how much is needed depending on what we are cooking.

One of the best uses for whole dried chipotles that we have found is in a Spicy Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup.

To make this soup, just gently fry some chunks of good quality chorizo before adding pieces of sweet potatoes, onions and adding about a litre of water or vegetable stock to the mix. Pierce the skin of 2 or 3 chipotles to taste and put in the pan so that the water can get in and rehydrate the lot. Let it simmer for at least an hour before blending with a food processor. For added texture, fry some pieces of chorizo and put them in the soup before eating piping hot!

The Chilli Pepper Company Chipotle Chilli Flakes are amongst some of our favorite produce at The Devil’s Garden, not only because of the quality of the chilli flakes themselves but also because of the pungency and overall authenticity of the chipotles.

You can tell just by looking at them that these are 100% pure chillies rather than bits of flakes with added chilli powder to bulk things up. We commonly use them in fajitas, sprinkle them on pizzas and they are just to die for when cooked slowly in a chilli con carne!

Blair’s Death Rain Chipotle Shaker is a practical way to add spice to any meal when you are out and about. You even get Blair’s iconic skull keyring when purchasing a shaker! Chipotles have been reduced to a very fine powder so you can add as little or as much as you wish to your meal and even sprinkle some on cheese on toast!

Chipotles are and will surely stay one of people’s favourite chillies as the taste is just to die for and the heat seeping through is mild enough for most beginners to handle

Ivor is the Director of The Devil’s Garden and an all round chilli geek, he loves everything spicy and his chilli plants are like children

The Chipotle Menu – The Super Burrito

The Chipotle menu is hot and loaded with incredible Mexican dishes and specialties.  This restaurant is busting on the scene, giving those of us who do not head for the border, a choice to really enjoy Mexican food and fast.

Don’t call this a fast food place though, every meal is made to order and most of the food hits closer to home, if you crave Mexican fast food, you will find this better than most Mexican sit down restaurants.  Eating healthy is on everyone’s mind these days, but once in a while you have to eat out.  If you are looking for a valuable alternative, I recommend the Chipotle menu.  If you are not looking to eat out, and want a healthy choice and recipes for home, then look no further and Start Here!

Most fast food restaurants have that lull time, or slow down time, where if you happen to come in during this time, you may find that the food is sub-par.  That is not going to happen with this restaurant, all dishes are made to order, and if you want to build your very own “Super Burrito” take a seat and enjoy, they aim to please.  Let’s face it, Mexican food should be left to the experts.  I do not know about you, but every time I try to duplicate a fine meal at home, it just does not end up the same way.  Is that just me?  I mean tacos are pretty difficult to mess up, I some how always manage to do just that.  Hence, I eat out and enjoy the Chipotle menu.

If you want to surprise someone you care about with a great meal, then the Chipotle gift card is the right gift for that someone special.  They are available in all the different denominations that any other gift card is available in, so there is no excuse.  Go ahead, make someone’s day.

The Chipotle Menu – Full Of Sweet Surprises!

Ok, so the Chipotle menu gives you that viable option for Mexican food, without the sacrifice in taste or quality, this much is good to go, right?  Right!  Now that there is finally a restaurant that can offer you so much more, and you do not have to break the piggy bank to get it, I have to ask you, what are you waiting for? If this menu is not for you, and you want another option, Start Here!

But if the the opportunity for a great meal, small price, and fast service is what you want, then know that is closer than you think.  All you have to do is find the Chipotle menu in the surrounding area nearest you, and let the hospitality of this fine food establishment, and the quality of their food do the rest of the work.  Whether you like burritos, tacos, salads, rice, or any other of the many different Mexican dishes, until you have tried the food on the Chipotle menu, you have not experienced the best that the Mexican food has to offer.

Once you enjoy their food, there is not doubt that you will want to make some special person the recipient of their gift card for that special meal with great savings, a thoughtful gift from you to the luckiest person on earth.  For additional savings know that Chipotle coupons are mailed to your home, as part of the companies new promotion to the surrounding new store in your area.  Most of the coupons that I have seen thus far, are for a free burrito with the special touch.

Eating right is a priority in my home, but when I treat my family to take out or semi-fast food then I try to make it of the best quality, as I am sure you do.  If you want to learn to eat healthy and get fantastic recipes, Start Here! It is never too late to begin to consume high quality foods, I learned that years ago.