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Chipotle Compliments The Atkins Diet

The Chipotle Menu Prices

The Chipotle menu and prices compliments the Atkins/South Beach diet very nicely. I have lost 45 pounds in about 6 months and I have done it slowly, with a low card, no sugar diet, and the main establishment for my nutrients has been Chipotle. I love their salad bowls, and the ingredients make it filling, and satisfying. Not only that, their selection of protein is second to none you can be rest assured of that.

I enjoy the salad bowl with plenty of chicken, sometimes I get an extra serving of the protein source, and just about everything but the beans, and rice are a go. I know that in some cases of the South Beach Diet, many people can have that but, I stray away from it. Um, guacamole, and sour cream, I try not to have too much. I know that Guacamole is a good source of many nutrients, but there is also a high amount of carbs associated with it. So I pass on it too.

Chipotle is here to make good eating possible for many of the people like me that are trying to lose a few pounds, and at the same time eat healthy. Not too many fast food places out there that can offer you that. Everything else is a gamble. Chipotle is the real deal. Check out this video below, maybe it will get you moving in their direction, if you have not ever had Chipotle, you will not be disappointed. Check them out.

Chipotle’s Super Menu

chipotle burritoEat Some Good Stuff At Chipotle’s

The Chipotle menu is designed to give up something special for lovers of Mexican food. True Mexican dishes served up to you in fast food like time, but the flavor and presentation is not something you will soon forget when you want Mexican food fast.

Most recently one of these Chipotle restaurants opened up in my neighborhood and instantly they mailed out a special offer allowing the recipient of the Chipotle coupon to receive one of their mouth watering loaded burritos for free. The coupon was sent in an informational booklet, offering some information about the company and what they are all about. Also they specified their long and steady commitment to offering one of the best Mexican food around town in their short time of existence. I have to say, they have succeeded thus far.

Burritos, Tacos, Salads And More…

Many of the dishes that you are used to from many of the legitimate Mexican style restaurants are on their menu. Everything from Burritos, Tacos, Nachos, rice, salads, and much, much more. They boast hundreds of combination’s, and will let you have the order your way basically. The you want 1 taco or three? Do you want salad or gallo pinto, or black beans, or re-fried red beans? It is totally up to you.

With Chicken or carnita asada (roasted beef), you get to pick your choice of meat and the way you want. It is truly an experience worth sharing with your family, and the Chipotle menu is certainly worth trying more than once. Break out of the doldrums with this new and exciting Mexican cuisine restaurant, and get your food fast and have a great tasting meal anytime of the day. Look for special offers from this great restaurant in your neighborhood.

The Chipotle Menu – The Super Burrito

The Chipotle menu is hot and loaded with incredible Mexican dishes and specialties.  This restaurant is busting on the scene, giving those of us who do not head for the border, a choice to really enjoy Mexican food and fast.

Don’t call this a fast food place though, every meal is made to order and most of the food hits closer to home, if you crave Mexican fast food, you will find this better than most Mexican sit down restaurants.  Eating healthy is on everyone’s mind these days, but once in a while you have to eat out.  If you are looking for a valuable alternative, I recommend the Chipotle menu.  If you are not looking to eat out, and want a healthy choice and recipes for home, then look no further and Start Here!

Most fast food restaurants have that lull time, or slow down time, where if you happen to come in during this time, you may find that the food is sub-par.  That is not going to happen with this restaurant, all dishes are made to order, and if you want to build your very own “Super Burrito” take a seat and enjoy, they aim to please.  Let’s face it, Mexican food should be left to the experts.  I do not know about you, but every time I try to duplicate a fine meal at home, it just does not end up the same way.  Is that just me?  I mean tacos are pretty difficult to mess up, I some how always manage to do just that.  Hence, I eat out and enjoy the Chipotle menu.

If you want to surprise someone you care about with a great meal, then the Chipotle gift card is the right gift for that someone special.  They are available in all the different denominations that any other gift card is available in, so there is no excuse.  Go ahead, make someone’s day.